#Emotional Intelligence – What is it and why do we need it?

I am thinking to start a new series of social posts about 🎉🎉🎉#EmotionalIntelligence
In the fast paced era that we’re living, assessing, understanding, recognizing and adapting emotions – yours and the people around you – is crucial for our wellbeing and I am a big advocate of personal development through emotional intelligence as well. 
( 😊😁😀🤔😐😏🙄😮 – now you see why I like emojis so much?! they express our emotions very well. How many emojis can you ‘read’? )

❣️How it’ll work? I’ll be posting every week a new word / concept related to this field and its definition, but also a small exercise about how we can apply this to our daily life.

❓How that sounds to you? Do you think it’ll be useful? Let me know below.

Here we go with our first word, which is of course – Emotional Intelligence itself. 
Let’s do a little exercise – take a pen and paper and: 
– Pick a specific scenario for this question – a talk with your partner, friend, boss. About me: When I am engaged in a conversation I am aware of my thoughts and feelings? What I am telling myself? 
About the other: Am I being a good observer by listening to what the other person is saying and can I ‘read’ his emotional state? Are there any signs (body posture, face, hands, mimics) that indicate their emotional state?

EQ >> IQ

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