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Just like you, I am a Millennial, but also a Digital Marketing Consultant with 7+ years of experience, who has been living abroad for the past 5 years and only recently returned to my hometown, Bucharest, Romania.

2018 was a milestone year for me – I’ve decided not only to leave Bratislava, Slovakia (my home for many years), but also start (again) from scratch professionally. After months of applying to jobs and going to many interviews, but also after building 7 business plans and didn’t go through with any of them, I’ve started to ask myself hard questions:

    • Who are you? What do you REALLY want?
    • What it is that is MOTIVATING you? The one thing that really moves you inside?
    • What do you want to FOCUS ON for the next few years?
    • Is a job from 9-to-5 still FULFILLING for you?
Even though they look so simple, they are in fact very hard questions; they are the base of our happiness and the answers never come easy. In my case, the answer came one day when I’ve decided to apply for a marketing position at a local NGO, without even thinking about the salary. The second I’ve told myself ‘I would go to these guys even for free!’, I’ve realised I had a breakthrough. ‘Ok, so it’s not money I am looking for. Then what do I want?’. After more drilling, it hit me: what I needed was a job with a higher purpose, one that would bring me something I’ve never had before at a job: MEANING. I was looking for meaning in my life.
This thought right there was a big realisation for me and just like that I’ve decided I needed to go on on this path. Suddenly, it was all so clear to me: I wanted to help people become their best self, in life and in career/business.
I was always passionate about Personal Development, Emotional Intelligence, Self-awareness and Leadership. I’ve always had a curious mind, and always searched for answers for human behaviour, connections between people and what drives us forward.
So, last year I’ve decided to enroll in a coaching school (still going through it), changed my career direction and decided to take a big leap of faith and become a

Life and Career Coach.

I now help people live their most authentic life. We live your most authentic self when what we think, what we say and what we do are aligned.

So, how can I help you become your best self?

I help people understand their emotions, face their fears and get past their personal blockages in order to reach their full life potential – in relationships and at work – through Emotional Intelligence.

What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Emotional Intelligence has become more and more of a study field on its own and at the base of it is, you guessed it – Emotions. The capacity to be aware of our thoughts and emotions, the ability to regulate emotional responses like strong negative feelings of fear, anger, shame, guilt and how to recognize & interpret emotions in others around us and to respond in a healthy way (assertive communication) is the base of our existence. Humans are rational beings, but also more emotional than we might admit (we take decisions with our emotional side, not rational) and our success in life and the capacity to develop healthy relationships with your parents, friends, partner, your boss and colleagues is crucially connected to how to handle emotions: our own and of others.
A high IQ is not a guarantee of success, prosperity, prestige or happiness in life. Tests show that if we take two people with the same IQ level – the one who masters his emotional intelligence (EQ) better is the one who will reach more success in life and will create healthy relationships in order to reach that happiness.
All of us are looking for success in life at any given moment in time (be it a business/work, love and family life, financial, health, social life, etc), but as we already know, success doesn’t come easy. We need to work for it: get that promotion, scale that business, find the right partner and get married, have enough money to support ourselves, go to gym and get that summer-body, start eating more healthy, have an active social life, be appreciated and travel to see the world.
Success / Happiness / Fulfillment is met when all of our needs are met simultaneously: we feel whole when none of our needs is frustrated and we feel unhappy when one of them is unbalanced.

Our 6 Basic Human Needs

The first four of the six core needs are defined as the needs of the personality or achievement. They are : Certainty / Variety / Significance / Love and Connection
The final two needs are defined as the needs of the spirit and provide the structure for fulfillment and happiness. The needs of the spirit are : Growth / Contribution
If any of them is out of place, be it too much or too low, then our whole wellbeing is disrupted. If ignored, repressed or denied, frustration will appear and reappear and will eventually lead to forming new limiting beliefs and values which will further prevent us from being happy and at ease. It’s like a vicious circle.
Without the correct tools and techniques to properly address them, these beliefs have the power to create a general discomfort in our lives, a feeling of dissatisfaction, lack of motivation, blockage, the feeling of ‘this happens only to me’, ‘I am so unlucky’, ‘I know it’s my fault’, ‘I wish I was ..’, ‘when I’ll do ___ that, only then I’ll have ___that’. These feelings only add up and have a great impact on how we think and take action in our lives. They block us from growth and personal achievement.
Knowing which of your needs is suffering brings us one step closer to understanding where we’re at right now and what can be done. Together we can explore this and I can help you get more clarity on your situation through guided intervention and help go you through your self discovery journey to reach your life goals and career objectives.

What qualifies me as a Coach?

Well, that is indeed a good question. Glad you’ve read it all up to this point. I am currently involved in the below educational activities :
    1. Taking online Coaching School classes through Achology Academy, THE ACADEMY OF MODERN, APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY, UK.
    2. Two intensive trainings on Coaching with NLP methodology (combined a total of 54 training hours) at
    3. Certified Career Counseling training through Confident Business Center. The diploma is certified by our local Government and recognized at European level.
    4. Going through Coaching School at Catalin Zaharia’s program – Coaching with NLP which finishes in September 2020 and consists of 10 modules of 4/5 intensive training days each, supervised coaching and practice. At the end of this class, I will be a certified Coach.
    5. Weekly 2 x peer coaching sessions with 2 other coaches where we get to test being a client /a coach on each other.
    6. Mentorship – having a mentor to help me through this experience and help me move in the right direction.
    7. Psychotherapy and Personal Development for the last 5 years of my life – before being a catalyst for change, we need as coaches to do our inner work first, work on our issues first, go through the healing process and get emotionally stable, so we can create and hold a healthy and safe place for our client to manifest their emotions and deep work.
    8. Constantly improving myself through education: going to conferences and events, reading books everyday, articles / listening to podcasts – all about coaching methodology, psychology, therapy, NLP, CBT, REBT, neuroscience, mindfulness, personal development, emotional intelligence, and many other connected subjects like sociology and anthropology.

Last but not least, and probably the biggest reason that qualifies me as a Coach is: all of my life experience that brought me where I am today and forced me to learn from all of them and to come out just fine on the other side. I’ve managed to get through all of the below, ONLY through self awareness, personal development and professional help:

a) raised in a demanding and controlling, but also conditioned parental environment, which had several negative effects on me as a child and later on (anxiety, fear of abandonment, fear of failure and never being enough; which in turn led to being performance driven, constant comparison with others, overworking and overloading myself with tasks and projects stemming from my constant need to prove myself to me and to others);
b) overcame my quarter life crisis at the age of 21y old – graduating from Uni and Masters, after 17y of intense education with great results, I was not able to find a job for more than 1 year, which led me to a personal and existential crisis;
c) found the right resources to change my career path, twice in my life so far;
d) got out of a toxic, controlling 1y relationship – which impacted me on how I perceive myself, men and relationships;
e) lost my boyfriend, my best friend and my apartment and started a new job – all in the same month; which led to point f below
f) went through episodes of anxiety and panic attacks, at 25y old; one of the biggest challenge of my life, which I am the most proud of by recovering from it. This experience humbled me and changed me profoundly, allowing me to deconstruct myself and come out a different person on the other side.
g) moved abroad and experienced expat life challenges (accommodating in a new and so different culture) for almost 5y;
h) overcame getting fired and started my freelance practice;
i) landed a big corporate job after 1y of freelancing (mindset change)
j) returned home/ got over a quite surprising reverse culture shock an expat feels when coming back home after some years abroad;
k) starting my own journey as a Solopreneur which is my Coaching practice today.
By now, you’re probably surprised of what you’re reading and asking yourself why I write these things in such a public manner (and trust me, I didn’t write everything), and the reason is this: because now I can. Because I went through them, I am healed (or still working on them), I’ve moved on from them and now I want to inspire other people to do the same. I’ve been there, I understand the struggle and I can totally relate. I can be, not just your Coach (a professional person who helps you identify your fears, blockages, helps you make the necessary changes to overcome them and to set new life objectives) but also a Coach who understands what you’re going through at every level (physically, mentally, spiritually).

Contact me

If this sounds interesting or I’ve hit a cord [hopefully ] – write me, even if it’s just to say hi or ask me a question. If any area of your life is suffering right now, take a leap of faith and send me an email at or DM me on facebook.

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