Coaching is a relationship - more precisely, a synergistic collaboration type of relationship with your coach. At the same time, it is a short to medium-term commitment towards yourself to get unstuck, work on your goals, overcome your fears, and activate all your available resources in order to achieve your dreams. Life coaches focus on assisting their clients in conquering the obstacles of their current life. This is a process based on mutual trust, where the client is encouraged to move forward in the right direction with the help of positive goals. Life coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring, or administering therapy. You would hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals, and transitions.


Below you can find the most common benefits for contracting life coaching services. Cannot resonate with any of them? No worries, contact me and we'll start from there.

You are facing a completely energy-draining situation. You are either dealing with challenging situations regarding your personal or professional life, or you have too many options and want to find the right direction for you. Life coaching can definitely help you discover the optimal path for figuring and pursuing your plans.
You are in a situation where you need to make a decision that could have a great impact on your life. Yet, you are not really sure what to do, or you can’t get to figure all the options. A coach can help you gain a clear vision of what you can do next when you lack clarity regarding your future.
Whether you’re making a new career move, changing your relationship status, starting a business or planning to move abroad - you’re facing a significant life transition. Oftentimes friends and family do not fully understand our choices and their support is not really helpful or it does not exist. A coach can provide the support you need in such situations and help you navigate the uncertainty and fears that come with big changes.
Do you feel like your life doesn’t seem like yours anymore? Are you feeling estranged, as if you’re living someone else’s life path? Have you stopped following your own rules and values without even realizing it until all of a sudden? All of these may be indicators of a life crisis, and life coaching can definitely help you navigate it and put you in touch with your authentic self again.
With the help of a life coach, you are basically setting aside some personal time, allowing yourself to stop, reflect about what’s currently happening in your life. You will also discover what your options are, which one is the best for you, and how to proceed, while the coach makes sure you are and stays on the right track and keeps you accountable for your progress.
You’ve realized you wish and need to develop some new skills in order to be a better professional, to handle management tasks more effectively, or to discover other abilities and hobbies which may improve the overall quality of your life.
You want to level up your life and have made the decision to give up everything that is holding you back or can be detrimental to your health. The coach helps you set achievable goals and makes sure you constantly work on them and achieve significant progress.


Here is how our coaching relationship is going to unfold. Are you ready?


Here are some examples of when life coaching can be of service.

You Just Started Your Own Business. You Don’t Know How to Manage It.

A life coach can help you discover your true entrepreneurial potential by setting realistic and achievable goals in accordance with the needs of your startup.

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A Notable Change took place in your life, and You Don’t Know How to Deal with It.

Life coaching provides a safe place to grieve in challenging times such as death of a loved one, job loss, separation, financial loss, migration, and more, offering you support and reliable tools to move forward.

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Your Life Has Come to A Halt, and You Don’t Know What to Do.

The right life coach can help you discover the cause of your blockage and assist you in removing barriers and other bad habits that keep you from achieving your goals.

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You Want to Improve Your Health or Change Your Habits.

Willpower is not enough to change a bad habit forever, and a life coach will help you assess all the necessary factors, keeping you focused, accountable and motivating you towards your goal.

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Your Life Is Taking a Beautiful Turn, but You Are Getting Cold Feet.

An excellent life coach can assist and guide you in confusing times when you don't seem to fully acknowledge and embrace the beautiful changes in your life.

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You Want to Achieve Your Dream, But You Don’t Know How.

Your life coach will help you chart out the perfect plan to turn you into a go-getter.

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