#Emotional Intelligence – What is it and why do we need it?

I am thinking to start a new series of social posts about 🎉🎉🎉#EmotionalIntelligence
In the fast paced era that we’re living, assessing, understanding, recognizing and adapting emotions – yours and the people around you – is crucial for our wellbeing and I am a big advocate of personal development through emotional intelligence as well. 
( 😊😁😀🤔😐😏🙄😮 – now you see why I like emojis so much?! they express our emotions very well. How many emojis can you ‘read’? )

❣️How it’ll work? I’ll be posting every week a new word / concept related to this field and its definition, but also a small exercise about how we can apply this to our daily life.

❓How that sounds to you? Do you think it’ll be useful? Let me know below.

Here we go with our first word, which is of course – Emotional Intelligence itself. 
Let’s do a little exercise – take a pen and paper and: 
– Pick a specific scenario for this question – a talk with your partner, friend, boss. About me: When I am engaged in a conversation I am aware of my thoughts and feelings? What I am telling myself? 
About the other: Am I being a good observer by listening to what the other person is saying and can I ‘read’ his emotional state? Are there any signs (body posture, face, hands, mimics) that indicate their emotional state?

EQ >> IQ

About Andreea Baudici

I help Millennials overcome their fears, unlock their true potential and achieve their life and career goals through self-awareness, emotional intelligence and coaching techniques [See 'What is coaching' section for further details]. As a Millennial myself I fully understand and empathize with all the changes in our society that were not there 20y ago: fast paced environment, technology, social pressure and high expectations which today leads to anxiety and general overwhelm. If you ever feel stuck, confused, demotivated or you just want to better understand yourself and improve your life quality don't hesitate to write me and we'll figure it out from there. We are all different and that is what makes as unique.

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